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 The "Société Française de Pathologie Toxicologique" (French Society of toxicologic pathology) is a non-profit association (french official journal dated 22th March, 2003). The members of the SFPT are scientists working in the field of toxicologic pathology.

Initially the SFPT was established by the gathering of two previous associations the "Société Française d’anatomie pathologique toxicologique" (SFAT: french society of toxicologic pathologic anatomy) and the "Association des Anciens Elèves du CES d’Anatomie Pathologique et Hématologie" (AAECESAPHAL).

Annual meetings are organized to promote the contacts between members and to exchange up-to-date scientific informations.

To join our association, please fill in the application form in french and return it to us together with 2 sponsorship letters. All application forms are evaluated by the executive board and the membership is confirmed during the next annual meeting.

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